Friday, July 27, 2012

DIY Cutting Bottles

This is genius! I'm always using wine bottles for different things - especially vases! I am always looking for a tool to help cut the glass so I can fit more flowers and coins as well as new ideas for utilizing these bottles! This just saved me so much time & money! The original post was provided by

Things you will need:
Cotton String
Acetone Nail Polish Remover
A match
A large pot of ice cold water
Step 1: 
Fill a pot with ice cold water and set to the side. Literally, ice cold.

Step 2: 
Wrap a (medium thickness) piece of cotton string around the wine bottle three times (wrap it around up to 6 times for a thicker bottle), tie it. 
Once the string is tied, slide it off the wine bottle.

Step 3: 
Soak the string in acetone based nail polish remover for 10 seconds

Step 4: 
Put the nail polish remover soaked string back around the bottle on the spot where you would like it to cut

Step 5: 
Using a match light just the string on fire, continually rotate the bottle in circles so that the fire spins around the bottle.  Keep rotating the bottle until the flames goes out.

Step 6:
Once the flame goes out, quickly submerge the bottle in a pot of ice cold water and watch it break!

Step 7: 


Lotta@TroublemakerStreet said...

Did you get a very clean cut? Did you then sand (or something like that) the top, to make the cut less sharp? I guess that would be real necessary if you want to make drinking glasses... Seen online that there are different methods for using this (e.g. using an abrasive powder - for lack of better words...), would love to hear about an easy way to do this! :)

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